Advisory Board

Centre for Logistics has an advisory board, which consists of 3 external and 2 internal members. The board members meet 2-3 times a year. The aim of the advisory board is to advise and give inspiration to CELOG's development strategy, including projects, knowledge transfer and networking.

Members of CELOG's Advisory Board

  • Claus Holstein, Managing Director, Aalborg Habour
  • Poul Hededahl, Director of Development, Rambøll
  • Ole Pedersen, Purchasing Manager, Region Nordjylland
  • Steen Mørch, Supply Chain Manager, TDC
  • Christian Obbekær, Adviser
  • Torsten Richard Hermansen, Region director, Danske Fragtmænd
  • Kristian Stokbro, First Officer, Danish Industry (corresponding member)
  • Kenn steger-Jensen, Associate Professor, Centre for Logistics
  • Hans-Henrik Hvolby, Professor, Centre for Logistics