Info for companies

Are you employed in a private company, the service sector or maybe in a public institution? It does not matter what kind of company you represent, we have a solution that will help your company make logistic improvements in the supply chain.

Private companies and public institutions are always welcome to contact CELOG for a non-binding talk about the opportunities. In collaboration we will find an appropriate solution for you.

The Backgorund for Collaborating with Centre for Logistics

Danish companies are highly effected by globalisation and increased competition. Therefore, a need is created for the companies to differentiate themselves from the competitors. The development towards increased customisation means that Danish companies use many resources on coordination with customers and suppliers, e.g. order placement, changes in product specifications and changes in deadlines. Internally, this gives a complex planning and many companies therefore find it difficult to make realistic time frames that are coherent with the order situation.

Opportunities for Collaborating with CELOG

Collaborating with Centre for Logistics your company or institution will access well-educated labour that possesses the latest knowledge and research within the field of logistics. CELOG focuses on long term collaboration with companies and institutions, e.g. through industrial research and development projects, industrial and business researcher projects, student projects and competency development - all this with a focal point on logistics and planning in the supply chain.

The areas of expertise at CELOG are highly outward and we have several services for companies and institutions, among others:

  • Consultancy
  • Development projects
  • Student projects