Development Projects

A development project in cooperation with the centre's researchers is a process with a focal point on innovation or development in your company.

CELOG uses several types of projects; research projects that primarily revolve around the further development of tools and techniques and development projects that have the purpose of creating improvements in collaboration with a specific company.

The industrial research and development projects are primarily financed by Væksthus Nordjylland, the EU, the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation among others supplemented with a small co-financing in cash from the comapnies involved in the project. Normally, CELOG and a group of companies make a project application in collaboration. The projects can have both a short and a long time frame.

Additionally, CELOG also carry out industrial and business reserch project that revolve around collaboration between CELOG and a company, and can either be carried through by the company's current employees or a new candidate. There are many different types of financing, among others The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. These projects often have a time frame of 3-4 years.

If you are interested in cooperating with CELOG's researchers please contact us for further information.

CELOG's Projects

CELOG has a list of its ongoing and past projects that can give you inspiration to a potential development project in your company.